Amateur Radio Station N1DL


MARS portable emergency station (all modes)

also used for Ham DX trips

housed in a Pelican 1550 water tight case

the case has three layers of foam

the top contains the telescopic stinger for the manual Superantenna screwdriver antenna and CDs with driver and application software.

The bottom layer shows the YAESU FT-857D transceiver on the right with the SEC 1223 Power supply on the left.

Below are microphone, keyer paddle and control head for the transceiver.

The middle layer houses the Signalink digital USB modem on the upper right, the SCS PTC II USB Pactor III modem in the center, an USB hub lower right, a digital Volt/Ohm meter in the lower center covered with a foam plug and various manuals, extension cords, adapters, ethernet cables and connectors in addition to the screwdriver antenna counterpoise bundle.

Not shown is the Apple MacBook PC running OS X and Windows XP in a virtual PC preloaded with MARS and Amateur digital software.

This station is configured for ALE and Winlink 2000 and capable of SSB, CW and most digital modes.

Inventory list AFA4BF portable station:

Pelican case 1550 with foam inserts

Yaesu FT-857D transceiver with DC cord and microphone

SEC 1223 Power supply 240/120V 20A with AC cord

SCS PTC II USB/Blue Tooth Pactor III modem with USB, audio, rig control cables and 12V power supply.

Signalink USB sound interface with USB and rig control cable

Palm Radio Mini-paddle for CW with cable

Superantennas manual screw driver vertical with stinger and counterpoise wire bundle

Documentation and manuals for transceiver, PTC, PS and Signalink


AC extension cord and triple splitter

USB hub

Ethernet cable

USB to Ethernet adapter

PC control cable for FT-857D (ALE operation)

USB to Serial Port adapter

Digital Volt/Ohm meter

small tools and clip leads

miniature coax and various BNC/PL259 adapters

MARS info (EEI format, frequencies etc), log, paper & pens


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