Karl N1DL

between 1959 and 2014 I was also active as:

F0IF (France), PA9GG (Netherlands), ON8CX (Belgium), VK8GK/LH (Lord Howe Island), OE4ZBL (Austria), DJ6OG (first call Germany), DL2AA (second call Germany), G5ACX (England), J79DL (Dominica), PJ8KG and PJ8AC (Sint Maarten), V25DL (Antigua), V31EK (Belize), VP8DHP (Falkland Islands), VP5KG (Turks and Caicos Islands), VP2LAG (St. Lucia), KS6GN (American Samoa), WT1AAA (first US call), 3A2AE (Monaco), 7J1AAR (Japan) and 9A1AA (then San Marino)

operated from 9Y4 (Tobago), BY (China), C6A (Bahamas), CE (Chile), CT1 (Portugal), FO (French Polynesia), FY (French Guiana), HC (Ecuador), HI7/HI9 (Dominican Republic), I2 (Italy), KP2 (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands), KP4 (Vieques Island, PR), KH6 (Hawaii), LU (Argentina), OA (Peru), PY1/PY8/PQ8/PP8 (Brazil), TK (Corsica), V44 (St.Kitts), VE (Canada), VP2V (British Virgin Islands), VP9 (Bermuda), ZL (New Zealand) and ZS (South Africa) mostly portable but a few times at Club Stations as a guest as well as V73FA/maritime mobile aboard ship.

Here is a more recent photo operating a radio station in Naples, FL.




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last updated 22 August 2014